Executive, leadership and team coaching

Supporting leaders to tackle tough questions, expand their possibilities and thrive amidst complexity.

When used appropriately coaching is one of the most effective approaches for developing individuals and teams. It creates a confidential and objective space and time where self-awareness and self-reflection can take place. The specific needs of individuals and teams can be addressed. Personal strategies and patterns can be identified and evaluated, and new strategies can be built, enabling individuals to leverage their personal power and increase their range of possibilities. At the same time, deeper realisations can be surfaced that facilitate bigger shifts in less time.

We are very proud of the coaching relationships we build with our clients. We are seen by many as trusted advisors. Leadership can be lonely. Having a safe space to reflect, learn, plan, practise and be challenged is important. We will not shy away from addressing the zone of difficult debate. We will both support and challenge you. We are passionate about making a meaningful difference in people’s lives, in helping them develop deep insights into themselves and others, optimising their performance and their levels of meaning and purpose at work.

Who do we coach?

We are experienced in executive and leadership coaching across a wide range of sectors. We regularly work with individual leaders and leadership teams in support of their development. This includes the following:

  • Focussing on rapid improvement in Emotional Intelligence and resilience.
  • Supporting teams to work optimally when in high stakes situations.
  • Understanding and skilfully navigating own and others’ emotional landscape.
  • Looking beneath the surface of one’s own behaviour, realising links and connections, exploring default patterns and identifying new possibilities for thinking and acting.
  • Supporting cultural change.
  • Leading strategy.
  • Working with visible behaviours and invisible patterns at the individual, team and organisational level.

Insight tools

In support of both our individual and team coaching, we have access to a carefully selected range of insight tools. These include EQi 2.0. (MHS), StrengthsFinder, MBTI, Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI), and Human Structural Dynamics (Kantor). These instruments have been chosen for the deep understanding they can facilitate when used by skilled and experienced practitioners. It is in the guidance and coaching support accompanying the use of these tools that learning and growth takes place.

Some examples of where coaching can be helpful:

  • Helping leaders to navigate the complexity they operate in, to engage with ambiguity and uncertainty more skilfully.
  • Supporting leaders involved in problem definition, possibility thinking, solution generation, planning and decision making.
  • Managing complex relationships, workload, stress and work/life balance.
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence and building interpersonal skills.
  • Exploring the behaviours of high performing individuals whose personality style impacts negatively on his or her relationships.
  • Supporting individuals experiencing career transition as they move into a new role, a new location, or as they return to work after leave or a sabbatical.
  • Reflecting on and refocussing career.
  • Accelerating personal and team development as part of a wider development programme.
  • Developing a culture of trust, psychological safety and constructive candour within and between executive and leadership teams.
  • Building high performing teams.
  • Mapping the dynamics within a team, increasing team awareness and the ability to rapidly identify what is going on just out of conscious awareness.
  • To support individuals and teams to tackle problematic and stuck behaviours, and to work optimally when in high stakes situations.

We are always happy to have an informal conversation about your needs. If you are interested in a
discussion, please contact us.

Coaching with Sarah

Sarah is an internationally experienced executive coach who works with senior and director level leaders across all sectors. Sarah’s approach reflects her considerable experience and expertise in psychology and business. She is focussed on both the practical and the profound, working simultaneously with visible behaviours and invisible patterns to achieve transformational results for her clients. Sarah is a qualified Positive Psychologist and is trained in the use of Compassion Focussed Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and psychodynamic approaches including Transactional Analysis and Human Structural Dynamics.

Sarah brings all of her experience into her coaching work with clients, supporting deeper level change as well as the development of new skills and knowledge. Her particular area of expertise and research interest is wisdom, she brings a philosophical and deeply relational way of understanding the challenges of being human into her work with her clients.


“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the coaching sessions. I got so much out of them. Those light bulb moments still shine brightly.”

Strategic Services Director

“With her highly developed expertise, Sarah has been the powerhouse of my recent development. She has amazing intuition on how and where to drive the discussion. She motivates me to be the best me!”

Senior Manager

“Coaching with Sarah was an amazing experience. She guided me through peaks and troughs of my current work/life and enabled me to reflect on 15 years of historical work/life. She was able to articulate what I was feeling or attempting to say into a mature and sound explanation or point of view. I exceeded my initial goal, Sarah made me look beyond this. She gave me the courage to make massive positive change.”

Head of Operations and Senior Partner

“Sarah was a fantastic coach. She was engaged to help me with some feedback I had been given in a performance review. She had a very open, transparent and understandable approach. She helped me to take an objective look at the feedback and to translate that into actionable changes, which she then supported me with. In addition, she opened my thinking more broadly in terms of what kind of leader I wanted to be and what my values were. At the end of the coaching, the feedback I received from others showed significant positive changes that had been received well.”

Senior Director

“Working with Sarah has had a major impact on my working practices, on how I view myself, my work, my performance, my colleagues and how I interact with them, and the performance of my team. I cannot overstate the positive impact this has had.”

Head of Business Development