Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Research-informed development experiences that facilitate personal and organisational discovery.

Leading involves the personal and the human side of organisational life, as well as the strategic and the systemic. It requires an understanding of current psychology, sociology, intra- and inter- organisational dynamics, decision making, and more. It takes curiosity as wide as it is deep.

All of our work is informed by research, but we also know that as humans we are transformed through experiences. We work to bridge the divide that can exist between research and practice, developing programmes that foster experiential discovery. We work collaboratively with experts from a variety of different fields, all of whom are highly successful in transforming individuals, organisations and cultures. Our highly regarded courses, leadership development, and programme design and delivery offer organisations and individuals powerful and effective development.

From shorter courses to longer-term programmes all of our development offerings are designed to meet your specific organisational needs. We focus learning on the real-life challenges and problems your leaders are engaged with. Our programmes are always flexible and participative, the personal experiences and needs of the participants shape and influence the content of each day. We are not only subject matter experts but also experts in learning design and the facilitation of groups. We create a high trust, challenging learning space where participants can be honest and vulnerable. This enables participants to get the most out of the development opportunity and reach into their potential.

Insight tools

As part of any development programme, we can offer a carefully selected range of insight tools. These include 360 assessments, EQi 2.0. (MHS), StrengthsFinder, MBTI, Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI), and Human Structural Dynamics (Kantor). These instruments have been chosen for the deep understanding they can facilitate when used by skilled and experienced practitioners. Support is given every step of the way, facilitating the transition from insight to real change. It is in the guidance and support accompanying the use of these tools that learning and growth takes place.

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