Research + Consultancy

Research and Consultancy

Working with leaders and organisations to integrate research into practice.

Deepening our understanding of ourselves and our organisations, research facilitates both scientific discovery and personal exploration. We are passionate about supporting our clients to grow their organisations through the use of internal research and bespoke intervention design. We have considerable expertise in a range of research methodologies, including Action Research, focus groups, interviews and survey methods, change methodologies such as Appreciative Inquiry and the design of research-informed interventions.

We have worked with clients to:

  • Research global leadership requirements within a sector, using the findings to develop a global leadership model and an international executive education programme for the sector professional body.
  • Facilitate the co-creation of a new organisational structure through individual interviews, focus groups and large group dialogue and design workshops.
  • Explore leadership experiences of gender, unconscious bias and perceived barriers to progression using interviews and focus groups, recommending multi-level interventions informed by the research findings.
  • Research future leadership requirements within client organisations, and develop research-informed, bespoke leadership programmes for executive teams and senior leaders.

Internal Primary Research

Organisations are increasingly recognising the benefits of internal primary research (IPR). Best practice solutions often ignore contextual nuances and deeper level data that IPR readily identifies and isolates. As an added benefit, conducting IPR is a powerful intervention in and of itself. The effect for individuals and the organisation is often catalysing, with increased dialogue and self- reflection. As researchers, we understand and stand by the notion that the questions we ask of ourselves today shape who we are becoming tomorrow. We work with our clients to both design and conduct IPR and support internal teams to develop their own research capabilities, building researcher mindsets.

Our own ongoing projects and research

As well as working with clients on their projects, we are also actively engaged in our own research.
We are always interested in collaborating or partnering with others who are involved in projects focussed on making the world a better place.


Context: Organisations are increasingly operating in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) environments. Leaders in both political and non-political organisations are required to tackle problems where complexity and conflicting interpersonal needs confound traditional problem-solving methods and no single solution exists. At the same time new models of business are being espoused, advocating for planetary, societal, and community stakeholder perspectives to be taken into account, as well as those of customers, employees and shareholders. We believe the relevance of wisdom to organisational contexts is indisputable. The world needs wiser organisations and wiser leaders.

We are exploring questions such as:

  • What does wise leadership and/or a wise organisation look like?
  • Where and when is wisdom most important?
  • What factors influence our development of wisdom over time?
  • What factors influence our capacity to reason wisely in specific situations?
  • How might we ‘nudge’ individuals, teams and organisations towards wiser reasoning?
  • How can wisdom be developed? Is it possible to develop wisdom interventions that really work, especially in high stakes situations when wisdom may matter the most?

If you are interested in participating in our research or in receiving updates as the research progresses, please do drop us a line.

We are always happy to have an informal conversation about your needs.
If you are interested in a discussion, please contact us.